Все букмекерские конторы и ставки на спорт

 Collaboration scheme


Below is the detailed collaboration scheme for the “Sports Betting Investing” service, specifying all the key interaction points between the investor and ACC-BET LIMITED.

Our company’s financial activity of our company is transparent as all the investors’ funds are protected legally by contract. The contract is made based on information received from the investor and specifies all necessary details.

  1. Investor contacts us and provides us with the following information:
    1. passport details;
    2. contact details (phone number, e-mail, skype);
    3. amount of the invested funds;
    4. investment period.
  2. Investor makes the payment, using one of the following payment methods:
    1. Webmoney;
    2. Yandex.Money;
    3. VISA and MasterCard;
    4. SWIFT (international bank transfer).

    * If amount of the invested funds is $5,000 or higher, the payment must be made to our company’s settlement account through SWIFT.

  3. We discuss with the investor the various investment opportunities available.

    ** If the payment has been made through electronic payment systems (Webmoney, Yandex.Money), the funds are returned the same way to the same account.

    *** If the investor plans to make the payment through SWIFT and is not sure about which payment method they would like to use to receive their returns, “Will be specified later” is specified in the corresponding item of the contract.

  4. When the funds and all necessary details are received, we make the contract and send t to the investor who then performs all contractual obligations.

  5. As soon as possible, we replenish the bookmaking deposit and provide the investor with the following information:
    1. bookmaker name;
    2. login in MD5 format (for safety reasons).

    **** This process takes, depending on investment amount and method of funds transfer, from 1 to 30 calendar days. This process in no way increases the investment period.

    ***** Transferring of funds to the bookmaking deposit depends on amount of the invested funds: if the amount is large enough, a separate bookmaking deposit is created; if not an already existing deposit with other investors’ funds is replenished.

  6. Upon completion of the period specified in the contract (6 or 12 months), we return the funds to the investor together with the interest specified in the contract (25% or 60%).

Example of the contract between our company and the investor in English and in Russian translation is available for download.

Some important points, also specified in the contract, should be highlighted:

As the funds are invested into sports betting, there is certainly a probability of financial failure, estimated at 0.11. In the case of an unfavorable combination of circumstances, our company will indemnify the investor the full amount of their investment within 12 months, however no interest will be paid. This is stipulated in the contract.

Only highly skilled experts work in our company to ensure our clients have the best chance at profiting from their investment.

To learn more about these opportunities and our company visit our F.A.Q. section.