Все букмекерские конторы и ставки на спорт

 Special offer


We have the following offer for all ACC-BET LIMITED investors.

If you have relatives, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues who wish to invest, you can mediate between them and our company.

You receive a reward for every new investor you attract. The reward is as follows, +5% of your investment amount, or +5% of the amount invested by the investor attracted by you, at your choice.

For example, you invest $1,000 and the investor you attract has invested $2,000. 5% of your investment is $50, and 5% of the amount invested by the investor attracted by you is $100. In this case, you would make more money by accepting the reward of 5% of the attracted investor’s investment.

In any of these cases, you receive a certificate specifying all the details.


* Payment of the interest starts 30 days after receiving of the certificate.

** Payment of the interest will not be made in the cases of financial failure or a blocked deposit by the bookmaker’s administration.