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 About the company


The ACC-BET LIMITED is a start-up company founded by the “Sports Analytics and Betting Investing” on September 25, 2013. Our company consists of experienced sports analysts, insiders and professional sports bettors. Full legality of ongoing activities and uniqueness of services allows us to offer the market an innovative useful service accessible to all bettors.

The company’s goal is to create a powerful and promising service providing exclusive sports information and bringing financial benefits to customers.

The main missions of acc-bet.com are:

  1. assisting bettors;
  2. attracting investment in sports betting.

These missions define our company’s existence.

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Our basic principles:

  1. Honesty is one of the most important requirements of morality, including truthfulness, loyalty liabilities, integrity.
    1. We show sincerity in our client, partner and colleague relations.
    2. We are honest with ourselves and are able to recognize our own mistakes, encouraging growth and success.
    3. We keep our promises and adhere to our commitments.
  2. We maintain free communication and information sharing in order to create and maintain a friendly atmosphere.
    1. We create communication, idea and information exchange opportunities.
    2. We believe direct communication with our clients helps us improve our services.
  3. Effectiveness is the ability to achieve the desired results at the lowest cost.
    1. We are always looking to improve our knowledge, skills and achieve better results.
    2. We make decisions based on analytics.
    3. We employ simple and clear rules to our activities.
  4. Client Orientation. Includes the permanent establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with clients and a permanent readiness to assist them. Clients are the foundation of our business.
    1. Our actions are aimed at making our clients comfortable and obtaining a return on their investments with us.
    2. We build long-term relationship with our clients.
    3. We listen to our clients and offer them the best solutions for what they want out of their investment.
    4. We are open to criticism, which, we use to make constructive conclusions.
  5. We are willing to take on complex tasks.
    1. We set high goals and tasks, which motivate us to develop.
    2. We take the initiative to solve even the most complex problems.
    3. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions.
    4. We put our energy and passion into everything we do.

While building on the company and our service, we develop the market.

To learn more about these opportunities and our company visit our F.A.Q. section.