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 Frequently asked questions

Posted in For clients and readers | March 5, 2014

FAQFor your convenience, please review this list of frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) before contacting us. We have made sure to fully answer the most common questions submitted to us.

If you do not find the answer you need on this page please feel free to contact us with any question you might have or for further information. Our experts will answer your questions and requests for information as quickly as possible.

About the company

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  1. Are you an officially registered company?

    Yes, ACC-BET LIMITED is an international business company registered in the city of Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica. The company’s registration number is 17516. Confirming documents (certificate of incorporation, certificate of good standing) are published at the “About the company” page.

  2. Why is the company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica?

    The main investor and the owner of the company is a citizen of Dominica. The Commonwealth of Dominica is an independent state in Caribbean Basin, a member of British Commonwealth. This country has a number of incontestable advantages over other jurisdictions and allows companies to carry out their activities worldwide. That is why we can offer our clients more flexible collaboration conditions.

  3. Are there any other return addresses besides the Commonwealth of Dominica?

    There is none currently, but the company is working on opening representative offices in CIS countries.

  4. Can I call you?

    Yes, certainly. You can order a free-of-charge call. To order a free-of-charge call, please use the special tab on the right of each page. Leave your phone number and our experts will call you back shortly.

  5. How long has the company been existing and why I have not heard about you earlier?

    The company is currently in the start up and development phase. It was officially registered on September 25th 2013, and opened its doors February 1st 2014.

  6. What is your difference from others?

    It will be sufficient to highlight one of our qualities – uniqueness, exemplified in the following:

    1. Publicity. Unlike others, we are an officially registered company, not one of the anonymous services, which occupy the most part of the market.
    2. Openness. Each user of our service can leave their feedback about work of the company publicly and ask a question… Unlike others, we believe feedback from our users helps us to grow in a positive direction.
    3. Service. We do not sell sports picks –Our company provides exclusive sports information. We also bring a financial profit to our investors in the amount of 60% per annum. Additionally, all investors are protected legally from fraud from our part by contract.

  7. Do you accept payments by bank transfer?

    Yes, the company accepts payments by SWIFT international bank transfer. Such transfers are received within 1 – 2 days. If you are going to pay for our services through SWIFT, please contact us for an Invoice (Invoice sample), which will have to be provided to bank operator.

  8. Why payments can be made only through the Yandex.Money and Webmoney electronic payment systems?

    Yandex.Money and Webmoney are two of the most popular electronic payment systems for the Russian market. Everyone can easily create and replenish their e-wallet in these systems. Another reason why we use these systems is the opportunity to enter/withdraw funds from/to the company’s settlement account. Our company’s authorized employee has an identified account in Yandex.Money and personal certificate in Webmoney.

  9. Do you sell sports picks?

    No, we do not sell picks. The services rendered by us are intended for bettors and are based on providing sports information.

  10. Why do you publish picks from European experts and bookmaker analysts at your web site?

    Our site is visited by hundreds of people regularly, and we have found an interest among many of our visitors to see the opinions of European experts and bookmaker analysts regarding the most interesting games. It is a convenience offered to our visitors so they do not have to spend a lengthy amount of time searching for this information over the web and then having to translate it.

  11. Do you publish picks at your web site on behalf of your company?

    In connection with numerous rule violations by the users, we, as of June 2014, will no longer publish picks on behalf of our company.

Sports analysis

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  1. Why is the “Sports analysis” service needed?

    Without sports analysis, the probability of receiving a profit regularly from betting is low. Using only intuition will not avail you to much. We recommend strongly carrying out a careful analysis before making a bet on any event. Certainly, this is a lengthy process and things can be missed easily, is for this reason that we offer our analysts’ services. For an insignificant fee, you will not only save time, but also receive a match preview made by an expert.

  2. What is included in the “Sports analysis” service?

    The “Sports analysis” service includes a full match preview, which consists of the following:

    1. venue information;
    2. championship table;
    3. championship tables at home/away;
    4. statistics of the teams;
    5. results of last matches;
    6. results of last matches at home/away;
    7. H2H;
    8. list of missing players;
    9. expected line-ups;
    10. additional information (news);
    11. reviews of last matches;
    12. odds movement.

  3. Why do not you provide picks based on the analysis results?

    According to our company’s policy, we do not impose our opinion on our clients.

  4. What time is needed to send me the match preview?

    From 1 to 3 hours on the average, but it depends on quantity of already submitted orders. (The next question follows from this)

  5. What is the best time to make the order?

    The best time to order a match preview is the day before the sports event.

  6. Where do you send the prepared match preview to?

    We send the prepared match preview via e-mail or skype, at your choice.

  7. In what format do you send the prepared match preview?

    We send the prepared match preview in an archived folder, which contains necessary images and the main html file that can be opened by any web browser.

“Sports Insider” web magazine

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  1. What is the “Sports Insider” web magazine needed for? Why I should subscribe for it?

    There are many theories/systems, which promise to increase the probability of winning for bettors. However, in practice, the overwhelming majority of them do not meet expectations and are high risk. One of few systems, which cannot be related to the systems mentioned above, is “Value Betting”, which has a good established reputation. Its principle is simple: to make bets on the events that are overestimated/underestimated by bookmaker. It is obvious that in order to achieve success, it is necessary to get into the role and to be a good bookmaker that is by no means easy for the majority of players.

    Maybe you think that professional players, like many other players, make bets on the match such as “Barcelona” vs “Real Madrid”, “Manchester City” vs “Chelsea”, “PSG” vs “Monaco”,… but they simply have more luck? No, professionals use “Value Betting” while others “play pitch-and-toss”. The “Sports Insider” web magazine contains insider information, which is not taken into account by a bookmaker because they does not know about it when making the line. “Sports Insider” is created to change your thinking and thereby your attitude to sports betting. Having subscribed, you will realize your former mistakes and will take the right path, which, if used with our information correctly correct use of our information, will lead you to success. You, without help from anyone else, will start making profitable bets.

  2. What information does the “Sports Insider” web magazine contain?

    The “Sports Insider” web magazine contains the following information:

    1. Financial problems: players leaving the club or refusing to play.
    2. Missing players: a large quantity of injured/suspended players.
    3. Line-up rotation: the coach takes young players, for example, because of a busy schedule.
    4. 3for3: exchange of points between clubs or mutual aid.

  3. Why does not it contain picks?

    According to our company’s policy, we do not impose our opinion on our clients.

  4. How many matches are considered per a month?

    We consider from 2 to 10 matches in each issue, but it all depends on bookmaker line. Our subscribers receive all the information that we have.

  5. Where to and in what format will the information be sent?

    We send the information only to the e-mail that you have specified. After each issue is released we will also notify you via SMS.

  6. What time do you usually send the issues?

    The web magazine is issued in the afternoon (from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Moscow time).

  7. Can I see an example of the web magazine issue?

    Yes. Archival issues of the “Sports Insider” web magazine can be found here.

  8. Which subscription should I purchase?

    Betting is a long-term game. It is best to subscribe for a minimum of a 1-month subscription. However, we do offer 2 week subscription so that bettors can review the provided information and ascertain its importance for themselves.

  9. When should I pay for the subscription?

    Several days before the beginning of a new calendar month.

Sports betting investing

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  1. Are you not a financial pyramid (HYIP, etc.) or Where do you receive a profit from?

    Our company does not work under the financial pyramid principle. We draw profit owing to successful sports bets.

  2. How long do you work in the field of sports betting?

    The average sports betting experience of our experts is 5 years. Many of our employees are professionally engaged in sports betting for the majority of their adult lives.

  3. What bookmakers do you use to create deposits?

    We work virtually with all bookmakers, from 10bet to Youwin. Amounts of the deposits depend directly on the bookmaker’s rating, which in its turn depends on the available methods of entering/withdrawal of funds, maximum/minimum stakes, bookmaker margin, etc.

  4. What is the collaboration scheme for this service?

    To familiarize yourself with the collaboration scheme, please visit this page.

  5. How do you ensure collaboration safety?

    Collaboration safety for our clients is ensured by conclusion of a contract that protects our investors’ funds.

  6. What is the expected profit?

    The amount of profit is fixed. Our clients receive 25% profit when investing for a 6 month period, 60% profit for a 12 month investment period.

  7. What is the minimum amount of investment?

    The minimum investment is $500.

  8. What are risks to lose the money? What will be in such a case?

    We make no secret of the fact that there are risks estimated with a probability of 0.11. In such a case, according to the concluded contract, our company will return the funds (without the interest) to the investor within 12 months.

  9. Is there a success statistics for this service?

    For reasons of business security, we cannot disclose such statistical data.

  10. Is it possible to receive the interest each month?

    No, it is not possible. However, we do have a summer offer which is active now. According to this offer it is possible to receive interest payments monthly.

  11. Can I invest funds in one electronic currency and receive them in another one?

    No, it is not possible. We return the funds via the same electronic payment system account used to transfer the funds to us.

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    Добрый день!
    А если букмекеры будут пользоваться вашим журналом “Sport Insider”? То коэффициенты будут другими!

    • http://acc-bet.com/ Acc-bet

      Здравствуйте. Все возможно.

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    Добрый вечер, а оплата у вас только в долларах? Можно ли в рублях по курсу ЦБ РФ?

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      Здравствуйте. Можно и в рублях на Яндекс.Деньги по текущему курсу http://www.cbr.ru/

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    У вас есть услуга «Анализ спортивного события» – 5$
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    • http://acc-bet.com/ Acc-bet

      Первое, Вы заказываете анализ на определенное событие

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    Здравствуйте! Скажите пожалуйста сколько стоит подписка на журнал “спортс инсайдер” на 1 месяц? И можно ли у Вас покупать только на неделю, сколько это будет стоить? Спасибо!

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      Добрый день. Стоимость подписки на месяц – 100$. Недельной подписки нет, минимум 15-ти дневная (60$)

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    Здравствуйте , как оформить подписку???
    Как с Вами связаться?? По телефону никто не отвечает!!!

    • http://acc-bet.com/ Acc-bet

      Здравствуйте. Ответили и по телефону, и по email.
      По всем вопросам, связанными с оформлением подписки, пишите на info@acc-bet.com

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    Zdravstvuyte. Mne interesno predlozheniye po zakrytomu klubu. Kogda vy naberete 5 lyudey uzhe nel’zya budet vstupit’ v klub i pridetsya zhdat’ poka poyavitsya mesto?

    • http://acc-bet.com/ Acc-bet

      Добрый день. Да, все как Вы и написали. Еще имеются свободные места, поэтому, если Вам интересно, отправляйте заявку на info@acc-bet.com.

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      В таком случае мы продлим срок пребывания участника в vip-клубе.

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    Добрый день.Я рассматриваю вариант подписки и в связи с этим вопрос.Вы пишите,что рассылка проводится с 13,00 по 16,00 по москве,это на матчи этого дня или бывают и на следующий или позже???По сути это имеет решающее значение т.к. основное движение кэфа уже прошло и именно поэтому я собираюсь поменять один известный сервис на который я подписан.

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      Добрый день. В рассылке рассматриваются события текущего дня. Реже производим дополнительные рассылки на матчи, которые запланированы позднее и требуют этого, т.е. ожидается сильное падение коэффициентов за незначительное время. Например, из-за финансовых проблем игроки не выйдут на поле, их заменят юниоры – сами понимаете, какой произойдет “обвал”… Если Вас интересует журнал, подавайте заявку. Далеко не факт, что Вы попадете в число 20. Соответственно, не спешите отказываться от уже имеющейся у Вас подписки.