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Sports betting investing is a new kind of capital investment opportunity, which actively develops. For most bettors, bets are an opportunity to obtain additional income, not just entertainment. Therefore sports betting can be related to one of the investment areas.

Our sports betting investment opportunity excels many of the other available investment opportunities. Consider the following investment opportunity comparison:

  1. Precious metals are a low-income but reliable investment.
  2. The most common investment type is Savings Accounts or Bank deposits. As a rule, banks offer up to 12 % per annum. But do not forget that the world economy has no universal control system; therefore there is a chance of the bank going bankrupt.
  3. 3. Securities investing is one of the riskier investment opportunities. A great deal of that risk and profit is found in the type of security you invest in, however, profit can be between 25-50% per annum.
  4. Real estate is a reliable investment, but requires a considerable financial stake and has an extended return time.

The advantage of sports betting investing is the larger profit potential in comparison with traditional investment opportunities.

  1. Web projects: such as Forex, HIYPs, lending, and others. Such projects promise their clients 10-15% average monthly profit, but do not give any guarantees.

The main problem with investing in the Internet is anonymity. Publicity of our company is a weighty advantage over many web projects.

Sports betting investing Sports betting investing

We consider sports betting as a real investment. Practice has shown that profit can be achieved over time.

Based on previous research, we are ready to offer you the “Sports betting investing” service.

Our clients receive:

  1. 25% of the profit with a 6 month investment period;
  2. 60% of the profit with a 12 month investment period.
    *The minimum invested amount is $500!

We utilize an absolutely new approach – personal contact of the investor with their personal manager that facilitates the collaboration considerably and makes it more productive. For this reason, we have decided not to use the automatic work mode any longer which required logging in of users at the web site.

We do everything with full financial transparency, and ensure that the Investor’s funds are protected legally with a contract.

Acc-bet. Contract Acc-bet. Contract

To familiarize yourself with this and the collaboration scheme for this service click on the highlighted text.

Our company does not impose its opinion on you. As the investor, you choose where to invest, be it sports betting or another type of investment.

For those who wish to receive additional income, we offer an Affiliate. For all investors of our company, there is a Special Offer.

To learn more about these opportunities and our company visit our F.A.Q. section.